Hatena Haiku Help

Check favorite topics and people

Add to favorite people and topics

Lets add people and topics you like on Hatena Haiku to your favorites.

Topics, user icons and nicknames are links, if you select them they will move to the keyword page and user page. If you click on the Añadir a favoritos button on top of every page that keyword or person will be added to you favorites list.

If somebody adds you to his favorites you will be notified by Hatena Message.

Check updates of your favorites

To check your favorite topics and latest information, open your Antenna Page by clicking on your own name in the welcome message at the top of the page.

To add contents to your Antenna Page, click on the “Añadir a favoritos” (Favorites button) on the top of pages you want to add.

To remove pages from your favorites click on the “Eliminar de favoritos” (Remove button) at the top of these pages. To remove favorite keywords go to your favorites page click on the “Eliminar” (Delete button) which appears when you move with your mouse to the right half of the column with your favorite keywords.

Importing Star Friends into Favorites

You can add the new entries of person you exchanged stars with during the past three months with (Star Friends) to your favorites. To do so click the "Import Star Friends" button「import starfriends」 on your Antenna page.

If you do not add stars to a Star Friend for three months you will stop being a star friend. Favorites however can only be removed by yourself.

Sending invitations for Hatena Haiku to friends

If friends or people you like are not using Hatena Haiku yet you can use Invite friends to invite them. If you know their email address, you can send invitation by email; If they are using other services, you can choose them from your friend lists (contact lists) of such services.

If your invitation letter is accepted you can become friends and are marked each other as favorites. (Friends are for Hatena Coco and other services of Hatena the same.)

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